Thursday, 9 August 2012


These days, they say we are literally a couple of years away from a computer that can emulate the human brain. A device that can represent the entirety of thinking, and break it down to 1's and 0's. Perceiving the way humans thinks as being in this fashion will help you understand. The structure of thought can be view as the coding that comprises "us", and just like coding it can be manipulated.
Through extensive research throughout the world, it's become known that certain vocal commands can actually overide the thought processes. The syllables are gibberish in any language, yet can render the target catatonic and open to suggestion. In the numerous tests, it was found that this state included an absolute abandonment of morals. Without question, fathers would willingly sacrifice sons, and life-long friends would turn against each other.
Over time, it was realised that this command code exists in the minds of all humans. At first the scientists were confused, wondering how the entirety of the Earth had become afflicted by this. Eventually it was realised that the condition is hereditary. This made the concept all the more confusing. For it to have spread in this manner, it would have needed to be introduced whilst humanity was still climbing out of the Cradle of Life, in Africa. This was long before any form of organized society.
For obvious reasons, information like this has been quashed at every oppurtunity. Can you imagine a world where every single person can make anyone within earshot a willing puppet? Life as we know it would fall apart overnight. Our lack of understanding prevent us from being able to remove this "control system", however through hypnosis we can establish when some has been used in this manner, but not how.
This is the point when those researching this started to get scared. They found large amounts of evidence that people were being used on a regular basis. We don't even know who by, of it was the same individuals who implanted the original coding into our brains when we were still scratching images of buffalo into cave walls.
It wan't until the indivudals were returned back to their original selves by repeating the syllables that outright fear set in. They would have no knowledge of what had happened, often expressing confusion and saying some variation of the same sentence.

"Hey, have you ever had that thing where you go into a room and you forget why you came in?"

Friday, 3 August 2012


        I love creepy pastas. And chances are that if you are reading this so do you. I've been into them for about a year now and like most the community enjoy the sudden jolt a well-cooked piece of pasta can provide. The way a perception can be built up in a mere couple of sentences, then be violently smashed down. I've appreciated all the classics, from "Noend House" and "Candle Cove", to the secrets of the Holder series.

I heard about a group of guys recently that kept talking about wanting to take their pasta to the "next level". The kind of story that changes you as a person, gives you a new outlook on life. They posted on a forum, and the impression I got from lurking at the time was that they were building the story fragment by fragment. A mish-mash of text that was being amalgamated as much in the public eye as it was via personal message.

I do know that it was eventually finished, and that a grand unveiling was planned at midnight  on the forum for atmospheric effect. This caused some minor grumbling as they all lived in different time zones, but GMT was eventually agreed upon. Many waited with bated breath for this alleged "perfect" pasta that had grown from the minds of many, yet were disappointed when there was no sign of activity from any of the original creative group.

A couple of days later, one of them signed onto the message board and left a brief message

Slendermanrulez89:   uj3drjjde498blind8540j

You know exactly what we were thinking at that point? Publicity stunt. That's what we continued to say to ourselves over the coming weeks as more and more message started to pile up from all the authors.  Most of them were nonsensical, a couple downright disturbing.

Creepyboi97:    dazzlingdazzlingdazzlingdazzlingdazzlingdazzlingdazzlingdazzlingdazz

Azraelsblade:    ttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmuuuuuccccccccccchhh

TheGothfather:   it    toook alitle whyl but i got em oiut..................they tast lik jelli.

At this point we started to get a little worried. Weeks had passed since the supposed release date, and there was no sign other than these repeated postings of the forum, so we started to investigate further. Initial findings showed that the group had shared the story among themselves prior to the release, a couple of them bragging of the fact on various other forums. More details came to light showing that one of them, "RATMfanatic", had been the final editor stitching all the text together, then sending it out to all of them. Research of his facebook showed one status not long after.

"I can't focus anymore. my mind keeps being drawn back to it. I can see where I stand and it terrifies me."

All of the others showed had followed suit, and slowly but surely described a gradual descent into depression, mania and ramblings of "finally understanding".  At this point all sorts of theories were flying around, all fixated on this story. We scoured the news reports and found that over the course of time we were able to tie missing persons reports up to all the forum members from throughout the world. Accounts were investigated showed that the homes they had left behind had been trashed. Their computers had all be destroyed, as if there had been some shared belief that burning or smashing the source of their fear would somehow alleviate it. There was no mention of the  story, but to be honest we wouldn't have expected that. To this day we don't know where they are.

And you would believe that would be where the story would end, were it not for one final postscript. A message was found:

Voltronator: yeah, i just got it in my inbox, but I haven't read it yet.. Don't tell anyone, but I'm gonna fire a couple of copies to some friends. They've been begging me for this, and I do owe them one from way back. They are gonna be stoked.

No-one knows who he was referring to, and nothing has be heard of since. Who knows, maybe it's still out there. Floating on some dead site that gets like a hit a year. No-one knows the title, so your guess is as good as mine. The only thing I will say you is be careful out there. Next time you stumble across some pasta you've never tired before............. just.......... I don't know,I mean how would you even know until it's too late?