Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Help Me

Right now, I'm sat at my computer. The only thing I can do is type. I've been posting to numerous sites, but no-one believes me, and they think it's all just a prank. About 20 minutes ago I sat down and booted it up, and tossed my phone on the desk in front of the keyboard. Stuck on some tunes and just chilled. As my gaze wandered around my room, I glanced at the blank screen of my mobile. It was reflecting my monitor screen, but there was something moving. The monitor itself was projecting my desktop, yet further inspection of the reflection showed what appeared to be a dos box open. Data was streaming through it, at first too fast to follow.  Suddenly the scrolling stopped, a cursor blinking, then a line of inverted dialogue that took me a few seconds to decipher.


I dropped my phone in shock. I grabbed it again searching across the screen for any other information. Coming back to the box revealed a new line.


At this point, one of those stupid popup ads opened up on my desktop. I reached for the mouse to shut it down, but then the window strobed with colours. It was like razors on my brain. I convulsed for a second, and now I can't feel the lower half of my body. My cell phone signal has dropped out and I can hear multiple cars pulling up outside.

Someone is knocking at my door.