Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Back to the Future trilogy directed by Robert Zemekis

              Just to establish before I get into this, I freaking love this trilogy. I consider it the benchmark against which all over trilogies are measured. My reasoning for this can be placed under several different aspects in which this movie shines. Firstly, this trilogy is self-aware that it is a trilogy. This is evident in the parallels that exist across the the different times that are visited, and the characters that are reprised to play both ancestors and descendants.
              Second is the dynamic that exists between the two main characters. They both are extremely large personalities, yet they never compete to dominate a scene, more playing off of each other. The supporting cast, though somewhat populated repeatedly by Michael J. Fox, is also held up with Tannen playing a definite "Bad Guy" that gets more exaggerated and comical through each incarnation.
               Thirdly, the intelligence of the script. In a time travel series where only three other times are visited (four if you count alternate universes), the story explores all the possible avenues available in defining them and establishing the links between them. Despite this, the Delorean  mostly keeps a backseat to the movie, used as a framing device rather than a macguffin.
               The trilogy was directed by Robert Zemeckis and the budget of $99,000,000 earned back a box office just shy of one billion dollars. A fantastic family movie that will have thinking of the nuances of the script years after viewing, I consider this to be the definitive trilogy in cinema.

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